Sunday, June 3, 2012

£1million Gloriana to lead the greatest show on the Thames for 350 years

While British soldiers die in Afghanistan for nothing, a  £1million Gloriana to lead the greatest show on the Thames for 350 years to celebrate the golden jubilee of the coronation of the Queen Elizabeth II. 

Leading the 1,000-strong flotilla will be the Gloriana. The 94ft Royal rowbarge – the first to be built for more than a century – is unique among the participating vessels in that it is the only one specially commissioned for the event. 

Originally it was intended that the Queen or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be on board but Her Majesty will now travel along the Thames on the Spirit of Chartwell. 

I was the first journalist to be granted access to the £1 million Gloriana and allowed to inspect its exquisite interior. An extraordinary amount of thought has gone into the design and the sourcing of materials so that she is imbued with rich historical significance, reports CHARLOTTE EAGAR.

Read more / see photos of the £1million Gloriana and others: Daily Mail


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