Friday, June 8, 2012

Caricatured Satire

Everyday, countless writers, bloggers and columnists write and air their inner feelings in countless numbers of words around the globe - but ever pondered how many of us really have time to read all what is being written? Besides, reading of long stories actually lose interest of the readers. So how to attract the readers?

Well, here come some artfully drawn lines that transform into self descriptive caricatures. By looking at a cartoon or a caricature, one instantly understands what the artist has tried to convey and reads the hidden message instantly. This is the beauty of caricatures and cartoons, which generally convey the satire and the 'fire within.' Those of us who have been reading the old famous Punch would know the strength of the caricatures and cartoons.

Illustration from High Political Heresy #2 - Chapter 2 - The IRS Plantation

Recently, I came across a site 'High Political Heresy' which is not only rich in satire, but it also combines  satire with caricatures to  convey the sarcasm in its strongest form. And I really enjoyed the the style in which the society's woes are projected artfully and I would say scornfully too. As I went through its various old posts, I was delighted to see how the American Society's reservations about its politicians and officials have been artfully projected.

However, there is a caution here! Not everyone can understand satire intensive caricatures. To really understand these, one has to know the society and dynamics of a particular country about which the caricature or cartoon is about. For example if something is about American politics, one has to have some knowledge of its political system, the burning issues concerning the general public and blunders being committed by the politicians. It is only then one enjoys truly the combined effect of caricatures and satire.

Do give it a try at High Political Heresy and I am sure you will find a feint smile on your face.


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