Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daredevil Nik Wallenda becomes first person to cross right over Niagara Falls over tightrope

It was a sight to be seen with awe, fear, excitement and heart throbbing at its fastest speed when  Nik Wallenda  started walking over the roaring and foamy Niagara Falls to attempt to cross it for the first time in the history over a stretch of 1,800 feet Friday night. 

Nik Wallenda almost in the middle of his Niagara cross over approximately 220feet above the water line [Photo: Reuters]
Though tethered to the wire to prevent falling to nearly certain death, he still contended with wind, water and an unfamiliar wire as he walked all the way from the Goat Island U.S. to Canada.

The daring acrobat set off around 10.15 to whoops and cheers from the huge crowd at the atmospheric event, and arrived on the other side of the Falls within half an hour.

Read more / watch more spectacular photos by Reuters: Daily Mail


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