Wednesday, June 27, 2012

London Olympics - 30 days to go

The euphoria of Euro and Wimbledon won't last longer than 8 July when the Wimbledon men's singles final will bring an end to the two on going major sports events taking place now.
But then we wait for the mega event of the year - the London Olympics.

Already there are teams brushing up their gears and taking stock of the energies and talent to exhibit at London 30 days from hence.

and there is something that wasn't there before - the Saudi women athletes that have been allowed for the first time in the history of Saudi Arabia and the Olmpics. This will allow the female talent from the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the green country side of London.

meanwhile the Canadian women soccer team has been announced on Monday - though ranked seven, the Canadian women will have to show their mettle and improve thier rating if they can.

There is much more about Olympic preparations, that we will continue to share in days to come, beside bringing live coverage of Wimbledon matches and of course the Euro semis between defending champion Spain and Portugal, that is today, and Germany and Italy on Thursday, followed by the closing ceremony and final of Euro on July 1.

Stay tuned...


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