Thursday, June 28, 2012

Venezuelan tribe angry at stealing of 'Grandmother' by Germany

A 'sacred stone' from Venezuela that has been taken to Berlin, Germany and turned into sculpture has strained Germany - Venezuela relations as Germany is in a fix whether to return the stone to Venezuela or not.

The Grandmother [Photo: The Express Tribune / Reuters]
Wolfgang von Schwarzenfeld’s sculptures in a Berlin park were meant to promote world peace, but the 79-year-old German now finds himself at war with a Venezuelan tribe which accuses him of stealing a sacred pink stone known to them as “Grandmother”.

The Venezuelan government is championing the Pemon Indians of the “Gran Sabana” region by demanding the return of the polished stone from Berlin’s Tiergarten park – putting the German government in something of a dilemma.

With Caracas calling it robbery, and the sculptor arguing that the stone was a legal gift, the monolith is emitting more negative energy than its esoteric fans in Berlin are used to.

The Venezuelan tribe has accused that stone’s removal is bringing misfortune on the tribe, like drought and the disappearance of the ants they eat in spicy sauce.


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