Friday, June 15, 2012

Why won't you hold my hand?

You may have heard the famous Beatles' song 'I want to hold your hand' many times in your life - but have you heard something like 'Why won't you hold my hand?'

Well, recently a Hilarious video 'Holding People's Hand' of student pranking random strangers becomes internet sensation, reports Mail Online.

A college student who uploads 'caught on camera' style prank videos to YouTube has unveiled his latest, called Holding Hands With Strangers, which has turned into internet sensation overnight.

The concept of 22-year-old Andrew Hales' mission is simple; he walks up to a stranger on campus at Utah Valley University in Orem, nonchalantly holds a random person's hand, and films their hilarious reactions. 

The successful video, which was uploaded to his YouTube channel, Losing All Hope Was Freedom, on Monday, has amassed nearly 1.3million views in just three days. Watch the video below:

Video courtesy: YouTube / LAHWF


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