Thursday, August 9, 2012

British and other foreign jihadists enter Syrian fray

In the British film “Four Lions” - a jihadist comedy released in 2010 -- the main characters are a bunch of UK-born terrorist wannabes as hilariously inept as the Three Stooges. The film portrayed comedies about British lads with working class Birmingham accents playing jihadists in some exotic Muslim land. 

Except this time, it was real, not remotely funny, and it happened in Syria - just as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad predicted.

When Dutch photographer Jeroen Oerlemans British photographer John Cantlie were kidnapped in Syria last month, they discovered their captors hailed from countries as far-flung as Britain. It now seems that an increasing number of foreign jihadists are setting up operations in Syria.

Read more: France24


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