Friday, September 21, 2012

Overshooting of Monarch Airline jet terrifies tourists at Birmingham

Holidaymakers were evacuated from a plane after it overshot a runway and skidded onto the grass.

Passengers on the Boeing 737 said there had been a problem with the plane before take off
[Photo Mandatory Credit: Anthony Stanley/WENN]

One hundred tourists experienced the frightening landing when the Monarch flight arrived at Birmingham Airport from Nice today.

Those on board claimed there had been a problem with the plane before take-off and it was also revealed the plane had been in another major incident last month.


Britons travelling on the Boeing 737 said the plane had been 'juddering' as it turned right just prior to take off in Nice. They said that the plane had been making the same manoeuvre just after landing when it skidded off the runway leaving the nose wheel and main undercarriage buried in the mud.

Read more: Daily Mail


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