Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Romney attacks Obama foreign policy

Mitt Romney and his Republican allies assailed President Barack Obama's foreign policy on Monday, expanding their attacks beyond his economic record in the run-up to the first of three debates.
Romney arrived in the battleground state of Colorado two full days before the high-stakes face-off Wednesday, telling supporters "I look forward" to the presidential debates as a chance to lay out a grand vision for the country.
During a boisterous rally here late Monday Romney largely kept to his standard stump speech laying out how his policies would break the US economy out of its rut and create 12 million jobs.
But earlier in the day Romney had cast beyond US borders, suggesting that after weeks of turmoil sparked by an anti-Islam Internet video foreign affairs might get more attention in the final sprint to the November 6 vote.
He accused Obama of downplaying deadly violence in the Middle East and warned that the president's policies have "heightened the prospect of conflict and instability."

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