Friday, November 23, 2012

I will stay Instead - Chinese Couple refuse to move out to let the road build

Many of you must have heard Beatles' song 'I'll cry instead.' But here is a live situation where an elderly Chinese couple chose to 'stay instead' of moving away and letting a motorway build.

[Credit: Barcroft Media - Alpha Press]

And as the elderly couple owns the land in the city of Wenling, in Zhejiang province, the authorities cannot force them out of the building they are living in and have left their house intact right in the middle of the under construction highway. 

To ensure the couple’s safety, adjacent rooms in the building have been left intact but all their neighbours have moved out, according to local media. The road paved through the Xiazhangyang village leads to the Wenling railway station and is yet to be officially opened.


Those who criticise China for its iron hand clamping down on its population - this alone is an example how people have the liberty to differ and win.

Property owners in China that refuse to move to make way for development are known as 'Nail Householders' referring to a stubborn nail that is not easy to remove from a piece of old wood and cannot be pulled out with a hammer.

Read More: Daily Mail
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