Monday, November 26, 2012

U.S. planned to detonate a nuclear bomb on Moon in the 50s to show its technological edge over Soviet Union

The power game can sometimes take countries to take decisions that could end up in disasters only for the sake of point scoring. And this is exactly was on the minds of the US when it had actually planned a nuclear detonation on Moon to show its technological edge over the Russians.

The news published in the Daily Mail provide an insight as to how  a US mission had been planned in the 50s to blow up the moon with a nuke. The idea behind this novel consideration was to display America's Cold War muscle to the Soviets.

Under the scenario, a missile carrying a small nuclear device was to be launched from an undisclosed location and travel 238,000 miles to the moon, where it would be detonated upon impact.


The secret project, innocuously titled 'A Study of Lunar Research Flights' and nicknamed 'Project A119,' was never carried out.

Read details at the Daily Mail
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