Monday, December 3, 2012

One Pound Fish: A smashing YouTube hit song

While 'Gangman' and 'Aircraft Carrier Style' have attracted lot of audience from around the world, there is yet another song making smashing hit on YouTube: The One Pound Fish.

Muhammad Shahid Nazir selling his One Pound Fish

"Come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound fish... Have a have a look, one pound fish!"

The words to a catchy tune pulling in customers to a fish stall in Queen's Market in East London, not far from the Olympic Stadium.

The man behind the song is 30 years old Muhammad Shahid Nazir, who not long ago arrived in Britain from Pattoki near the city of Lahore in Pakistan, and decided to sing about his wares rather than shout like the other market traders.

Shahid proudly says: "West Ham football supporters often stop here and tell me they've come to hear me sing as well as watch the match."


Within a month of him singing the fish ditty he became an internet sensation, notching up well over one million hits on YouTube and being approached by a record label.

Shahid's goal is to become a professional singer. He has auditioned for X-Factor 2012, and is in talks with a record label. Reportedly, the YouTube famed Pakistani fish seller in London, Mohammad Shahid Nazir has got a record deal with Warner Music.

The song can be viewed on YouTube - but in countries where YouTube service are suspended, the song can be viewed Here.

Read more about it at: BBC England
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They made a t-shirt :) Check it out

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