Thursday, January 3, 2013

India gang-rape: The accused also include a juvenile who was the most abusive

While the world is awe stricken about the way the 23 years old Indian girl was raped and brutalised in a moving bus by a group of six men, the details emerging out are more gory and horrific.

It transpires that the main accused Ram Singh and a juvenile aged 17 were the most brutal during the horrible episode of brutality and vengence.

It was these two men who raped the victim twice. The were the firest to rape the girl. And when all others had finished and the girl had become unconcious, the duo raped her again. And it was the juvenile who took out her intestines out with his bare hands.

Although all five 'men' have been charge sheeted in the court, the juvenile will be dealt separately and may even evade the death sentence - rather may get free after just three years.

The victim’s father has demanded the 17-year old abuser be punished first and hanged along with the others.

"The juvenile should be punished first. He was the one who lured my daughter into the bus and tortured her most mercilessly. He should be hanged like the other five accused,” Indian Economic Times newspaper quoted the victim’s father as saying.

Read more details at: RT
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