Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Supreme Court of Pakistan orders arrest of the Prime Minister

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered the arrest of the Prime Minister, reports Dawn News.

The prime minister has been accused of receiving kickbacks and commission in the Rental Power Plants (RPPs) case as minister for water and power.

The bench ordered the arrest of 16 persons, including the premier, and directed the authorities to present Prime Minister Ashraf in court tomorrow. 

In the case, nine RPPs firms were accused of receiving more than Rs. 22 billion as a mobilization advance from the government to commission the projects but most of them did not set up their plants and a few of them installed them but with inordinate delay.

The order came at a time when a religious cleric Dr Tahir ul Qadri has staged a sit-in in the capital Islamabad since last night and has said that it would not abandon its sit-in unless the present government was removed and a caretaker set was announced.

via Dawn News
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