Monday, January 21, 2013

US drone attack - indubitable war crime, says US Analyst

The US drone attacks continuing in some of the countries as part of the war on terror unleashed by the US, specially in Pakistan where over 30,000 thousands have perished sine 2004, mostly women and children, has attracted world criticism on this inhuman act and question the wisdom behind killing a few militants with a colossal collateral damage.

US Drone Attacks: The indubitable war crime

Pakistan's emerging cricketer-turned-politician, the lone crusader against the drone attacks, has raised his voice against the drone attacks on many a fora around the world.

However, recently a political analyst in an interview  with Press TV has stated that the US assassination drone attacks amount to a “war crime” against civilians by a government that claims moral leadership of the world.


Press TV has conducted an interview with Mike Harris, financial editor of Veterans Today (Arizona), to further discuss the issue of US drone attacks. Harris is joined by two additional guests of the program: Lawrence J. Korb, senior fellow of American Progress (Washington), and Toby Blome, CodePink peace activist (Washington).

Mike Harris asserts that:
"If we look at the drone issue here, the drone issue is nothing more than a war crime. And the whole premise of war in Iraq, in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, and in Yemen is a fraud. It is falsely based, these are illegal wars that US should not be involved in them. And we should get out and bring our troops home. End of discussion.”
Read the approximate transcription of the interview with Mike Harris at Press TV.

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