Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Artificial Blood Clots to help wounded Soldiers' Survival

Men have never been at peace with others and right from the earlier days, reproduced in movies, we see blood splashing scene when swords and lances struck the soldiers, and then dying.

We continue to fight with no peace in sight no matter how deep in future we may try to see. This means soldiers will continue to die of wounds which cannot be bandaged or treated upon in the thick of the battle smoke.

But while nations continue to insist on fighting, researchers have brought some hope for those wounded and bleeding soldiers, who die of blood clotting.

The latest technique in bio-medical engineering has been able to develop 'synthetic blood clots' along with other materials that wounded soldiers can use to treat themselves on the battlefield.

The designer clots are injected into the bloodstream with a hand-held device, which is about the size of an iPhone. The synthetic blood platelets contained in the device are laced with regulatory chemicals that help to control bleeding, stabilize injuries, and set the course for proper healing.

“You could have it literally in the pocket of any soldier, who could pop it out when needed,” said Thomas Barker of the department of bio-medical engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory University.“As the needle is extended, you would break the package of freeze-dried particles. The device would then be placed on the abdomen, where the particles would be injected into the bloodstream. They would circulate inactive until they encountered the initiation of clotting.”

via Tech News
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