Friday, February 22, 2013

Athens battered by biggest storm in 50 years

The Greek capital Athens is experiencing a worst storm in 50 years and fast muddy waters are playing havouc in the Athens streets.

Terrified: A motorist struggles to cling onto her vehicle as it was pounded by flood water in Chalandri today

A terrified motorist was left clinging onto her car as it was swept away by flood waters surging through the streets of Athens today. 

The dramatic scenes unfolded as torrential rain led to flash flooding in the Greek capital, where one woman has died and thousands more people left stranded.

Flash floods: More than a metre of water gushed along the road in the city's northern suburb

Two men climbed onto the roof of the silver 4x4 and pulled the driver to safety in northern suburb of Chalandri.

Meteorologist Yannis Kallianos told state television: 'This is the worst storm since 1961. We're talking about 52 years without ever having seen such a heavy downpour in this area,'

Watch the video of the storm below:

Read more about it at: Mail Online
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