Saturday, February 16, 2013

Is Iran's Qahar-313 Stealth aircraft a Fake?

The demonstration of stealth aircraft Qahar-313 by Iran recently has sent ripples across the Western World and the defense analysts.

However, giving it a detailed analysis, some western analysts find the photos provided by Iran to be cleverly photo-shopped.

Photo: Word Spoken (Iranian Blog)

The Atlantic Wire, with some help from an Iranian blogger, reports that the picture is a not-so-skillful blend of two images — a stock photo of Iran's imposing Mount Damavand and a shot of a model of the "radar-evading" Qaher-313 plane sitting on display in a carpeted hall.

The Atlantic Wire found the Mount Damavand picture on the site after a Google Image search. And the Iranian blogger's detective workclearly shows that the "flying" Qaher-313 is actually the display model, as light is glinting off both of them in identical ways.

It may be recalled that the Islamic Republic unveiled the stealth plane on Feb. 2, describing it as "super advanced" and "capable of evading radars."

Till Iran comes up with some credible videos and images of its stealth aircraft, there is a great degree of mistrust that would prevail on the credibility of the news by Iran.

via Tech News
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