Sunday, February 24, 2013

Poor to eat horsemeat-tainted food: German Minister

Once a queen advised people to eat cake when they were protesting against non-availability of the bread.

Now here comes a German minister who suggests that the horse-meat tainted food must be fed to the poor.

Dirk Niebel said he supported the proposal by a member of the governing CDU party, and concluded: "We can't just throw away good food."

The opposition dismissed the idea, but a priest said it should be considered.

Prelate Bernhard Felmberg, the senior representative of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), has backed the proposal.
"We as a Church find the throw-away mentality in our society concerning. How and whether to distribute the products in question would have to be examined."

Earlier Saturday, another 'prominent member' of Germany's governing CDU party, Hartwig Fischer, also told Bild newspaper that products tainted with horse-meat should be distributed to the poor.

Read more about it at: BBC News Europe
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