Monday, February 18, 2013

Russian Meteorite blast released 300 kiliton of energy

The meteorite that blasted shock waves over central Russia is said to have released 300 kiloton of energy, conclude NASA scientists based on the scrutiny of infrasound records. 

Graph credit: isoundhunter

The shock waves on February 15th were recorded by eleven sensors based in Greenland, Africa and Russia. The sensors are part of the global network of 60 infrasound stations maintained by the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO).

The low frequency sound waves produced by the meteorite or the infrasound picture released by isoundhunter (above) shows the spectrum and the resonance of the infrasound waves.

The 300 kiloton of energy is about 20 to 25 times more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped in World War II. However, it is far smaller than Siberia's Tunguska meteor explosion in 1908, which released 10 to 15 megatons of energy (equivalent to the Castle Bravo device, the most powerful atomic bomb tested by the United States).

via Tech News
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