Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Student designs 'City' to counter surveillance and targeted attacks by the pilotless remote-controlled drones

The USA has played havouc around the world using its drone fleet with such ferocity and with resultant collateral damage that the world is really questioning the US for killing innocent civilians more than the intended targets.

US drones have killed far more civilians, including women and children that militants, specially in Pakistan

The US drone fleet equipped with drones with surveillance capabilities is so powerful that it can track the movements of an entire medium-sized city all at once.

According to the UK's Bureau of Investigative Journalism, a minimum of 2,629 people have so far been killed by drones in Pakistan alone, with many more in other countries like Yemen and Somalia.

But while the US government is unmoved by such demands, a law student come out with a classic and novel design of city that would provide protection against the drones.

Shura City, designed as a class project by Asher Kohn, 25, is an attempt to use architecture to counter surveillance and targeted attacks by the remote-controlled aircraft.

Shura City: a class project by Asher Kohn,  to use architecture to counter surveillance and targeted attacks by the remote-controlled aircraft

The provocative design, which is like a sci-fi riff on traditional Middle-Eastern architecture, uses a range of tricks to confuse the aerial death machines and keep the city's inhabitants concealed.

Shura City, provocatively named for the groups of elders who take decisions in the Islamic communities which are the principal targets of drone strikes, is a product of Mr Kohn's fascination for 'drones' existence in a post-legal world'.

Ringed by minarets and built from concrete, which drone sensors cannot penetrate, its layout would be specifically designed to confuse from the outside - foiling the airborne watchers' ability to dish out targeted death from above.

'The goal is not defense-through-hardening, but defense-through-confusion,' writes Mr Kohn. 'By turning the entire community into a closed circuit, drones targeting individuals will not be able to select and detect the individuals they desire once they enter the city.'

Read more about it at: Mail Online
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Unknown said...

This looks like an effective new way for someone to conduct counter surveillance and protect their right to privacy. There are a few other methods that one can apply in order to ensure their privacy, and these include: a wiretap or bug detector, a white noise generator, and your own surveillance camera system. I think a citizen's right to privacy is one that should not be taken away for any reason.

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