Saturday, March 2, 2013

Iran No more nuclear threat: Change in Official Stance?

It seems that Iran is finally putting cold water on its nuclear threat as Iran has been found cautiously optimistic i the latest round of negotiations in  Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“I call it a milestone. It is a turning point in the negotiations,” Iranian foreign minister, Ali Akbar Salehi told Australian broadcaster ORF on Thursday. 

“We are heading for goals that will be satisfactory for both sides. I am very optimistic and hopeful,” he added. 

This supposedly led to all parties agreeing that the notorious western sanctions on Iran should be up for discussion at these latest talks. Since 2006, when President Ahmadinejad stopped allowing International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors around his nuclear facilities, the economic results have been crippling.

Read more about it at: Al Bawaba News
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