Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Men on Mars!!

The photograph may look as if this has come direct from Mars - well it looks like to be so.

But in reality, these are a group of scientists clad in spacesuits seen trudge across the bleak red terrain, occasionally pausing to take rock samples or map the landscape at the Mars Deseret Research Station in the deserts of Utah, in the Western United States. The site, near the town of Hanksville, was chosen because the terrain is similar to the surface of Mars.

These 'astronauts' are a group of volunteers who are helping to discover ways to investigate the feasibility of a human exploration of Mars and use the Utah desert's Mars-like terrain to simulate working conditions on the red planet.

The project is called the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), a simulated off-world habitat that serves as a test site for field operations in preparation for future human missions to Mars.

All outdoor exploration is done wearing simulated spacesuits and carrying air supply packs and crews live together in a small communication base with carefully rationed essentials - everything needed to survive must be produced, fixed and replaced on-site.

It is operated by The Mars Society, a non-profit organisation that advocates space travel, during the cooler winter months by rotating volunteer crews of six scientists (geologists, biologists, engineers and more) running simulations of how it would be to live on Mars and working together to develop field tactics and study the terrain.

These photos give rise to the conspiracy theories that already exist that weather men really went to moon - or was all of it was just an exercise like the one in this post?

Anyway watch the video below of these men while they are on earthly Mars:

Read more about it at: Mail Online
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