Friday, April 5, 2013

American activists launch a month-long anti-drone campaign

Deadly drone attacks draw world wide condemnation and protests 

The growing awareness about the menace American drone attacks have created over the last one decade or even more, a month-long nationwide anti-drone campaign kicked off in New York, USA on Thursday, with a number of activist groups taking part in demonstrations to draw public attention to the use of unmanned aerial vehicle in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries.

It may be added that a recent survey has concluded that less than 2% (1.5% to be exact) high end militants have been actually killed, while most of the victims have either been children, won or 'suspected' militants claimed by USA.

Dozens of protesters from "Grandmothers Against the War" gathered in New York City to denounce the US government's use of drones. They chanted slogans and called placards like "Drones fly, children die."

The grandmothers' protest kicked off what participants say will be a month of rallies called 'April Days of Action', organized by the New York-based group 'Know Drones'.

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