Sunday, April 14, 2013

Brand New Boeing 737-800 aircraft crashes in water off Bali, Indonesia - however with no fatalities

The shallow waters off the coast of Bali, the dream island in Indonesia, saved those aboard a brand new Boeing 737-800 aircraft to walk away without any fatal injuries or casualties. Upon crash, the aircraft broke into two halves.

Initial reports said the aircraft had overshot the runway. But a Lion Air spokesman, Edward Sirait, told reporters that the plane did not reach the runway, it hit the water first.

All 101 passengers, including three foreiengers, and seven crew members aboard a Lion Air flight were rescued Saturday within minutes of the crash. Some 45 people have been taken to local hospitals with injuries, but none seemed life threatening, according to one Indonesian airport official.

The crash must be a big blow to the tall claims made by the Boeing which boasts that the 737-800 is the best-selling aircraft in the Next Generation series. Boeing says that the aircraft is "known for its reliability, fuel efficiency and economical performance. 

The crashed aircraft had just been commissioned in March.

Watch the video below:

via CS Monitor
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