Friday, April 19, 2013

Sleep in Mega-bus from London to Scotland for £15

Good news for tired commuters between London and Scotland!!

Now you can 'sleep' while you travel in the mega-bus from London to Scotland for just £15. The service will begin later in the coming summers.

These Budget buses will link London with eleven major Scottish cities for as little as £15 per ticket, ferrying passengers to Glasgow or Edinburgh in less than eight hours.

Ticket holders can unfold their seats into bunk beds and as well as being provided with a toothbrush, coach company Mega-bus offers up a complimentary onesie to snuggle up in during the journey.

Stagecoach Group Chief Executive who proudly showed off the new Megabus onesie said: ‘It used to be just popstars that had beds on board their tour buses, now everyone can benefit from a comfortable, great value overnight journey.

It may be recalled that Albatross Sleeping Car Co. regularly took 12 passengers at a time between London and Liverpool in 1928, and Land Liners Ltd operated a double-decker night service between London and Manchester in the late 1920s.

(via Mail Online
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