Sunday, May 26, 2013

17-Years old Archivist discovers Moon dust gathered by Neil Armstrong in warehouse forgotten for Four Decades

Archivist Karen Nelson displays her 'finds'

While the world may have forgotten about it, but a 17 years old archivist, Karen Nelson, made a cosmic discovery while tidying up a storage space at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory recently.

The discovery of twently forgetten vials was pheneomenal as these contined the moon dust collected by Neil Armstrong, the first man who landed on the monn, some four decade ago in 1969.

The vials "were vacuum sealed in a glass jar," Karen Nelson told Chao. "We don't know how or when they ended up in storage."

The vials were kept company all those years by a copy of the paper "Study of carbon compounds in Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 returned lunar samples," which was published in the Proceedings of the Second Lunar Science Conference in 1971 (and which you -- space geek that you are - can read in its fascinating PDF entirety here).

via C|net
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