Thursday, May 9, 2013

£90 fine for texting at the wheel in UK

Use of mobile phone while driving is not only hazardous for the driver but also a nuisance for the following traffic as a distracted driver while texting slows down right in the fast lane - much to the agony of the followers, beside a likelihood of accident.

UK has announced that the fines for texting while driving will be increased by 50 per cent from £60 to £90. Announcing the crackdown, UK Transport Secretary Mr McLoughlin admitted he had used a mobile phone to make calls while driving, although he would not do so now.

However critics said the higher penalty has to be backed up by tougher enforcement as texting by drivers is now rife.

The number of penalty points offenders receive on their licence will remain at three. There had been calls for the 150,000 or more drivers a year convicted of offences involving mobile phones to incur a six-point penalty.

The higher fine will also apply to a range of other fixed penalty offences, including speeding and running a red light.

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