Sunday, May 5, 2013

Attacked Pakistani prisoner Sanaullah is brain dead, say Indian doctors

It has been reported by Dawn News that Sanaullah Haq, the Pakistani prisoner who was attacked in an India prison in Jammu last week, is brain dead, quoting doctors of the PGI Chandigarh on Sunday. Sanauulah was attacked in an Indian prison by a court-martialled Indian soldier.

Doctors at PGI Chandigarh issued the latest report over the condition of Sanaullah Haq according to which the attacked prisoner was in a brain-dead state.

The report was reportedly signed by DR SN Mathu Raya and other doctors of the team tending to the Pakistani prisoner.

Sanaullah was attacked in a tit for tat attack on an Indian terrorist held in Pakistani jail on death row for terrorism charges related to bombing in Faisalabad that had killed 14 people. The Indian terrorist Sarabjit Singh died in the attack.

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