Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Body of Mysterious 30 foot long 'Sea Monster' Found Washed up on New Zealand Beach

The rotting carcass of a mysterious-looking ' 30 feet long sea monster' has been found washed ashore on a New Zealand beach. The beast washed ashore in the Bay of Plenty after violent storms hit the coast of New Zealand

Watch the video below

Photos made available from a YouTube clip show the half-buried head of the carcass with jagged teeth and gaping jaws.  Most of the rest of the creature's body is missing.

No one is really sure what this creature actually is - however some suggest it to be a saltwater crocodile, a giant moray eel, a dolphin or a DINOSAUR.

However, marine mammal expert Anton van Helden rejected all these ideas and told New Zealand's Channel 3 that the creature's fin structure is similar to that of a killer whale.

See the video below:

Read more about it at: Mail Online
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