Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mass grave uncovered in Jaffa containing remains of Palestinians killed in 1948 war that founded Israel

In a recent horrific find, six mass graves have been found that contain remains of dozens of Palestinians who  succumbed to the Arab-Israel war of 1948 - a war that forced the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel.

The graves have been found in the Jaffa districyt of Tel Aviv.

An official at the Muslim cemetery there told AFP that the grisly find happened on Wednesday when ground subsided as builders carried out renovation work.

It may be added that Jaffa was a Palestinian town in 1948 but there was an exodus of most of its Arab population when it fell to the fledgling Israeli army and right-wing Jewish militias.

Researcher and historian Mahmoud Obeid, a Jaffa resident, told As-Safri newspaper: 'We discovered six mass graves, two of which we dug up. Our estimate is that they contain around 200 bodies, with an unknown additional number in the other graves.

Read more about it at: Mail Online
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