Monday, July 15, 2013

British soldiers' suicide rate 'overtakes Afghan deaths'

In a recent revelation, it has been learnt that more British soldiers and veterans have died because of committing suicides than those who died in combat in Afghanistan.

BBC Panorama reports that 21 serving soldiers killed themselves last year (2012), along with 29 veterans, while 44 soldiers died in Afghanistan, of which 40 died in action.

Some of the soldiers' families say the men did not get enough support.

In one suicide incident, one soldier named L/Sgt Collins put on his Army uniform, and drove into the Preseli mountains in Pembrokeshire, where he recorded a farewell video on his phone and then hanged himself. He was 29. 

L/Sgt Collins had twice survived being shot and was blown off his feet by a roadside bomb - his friend, L/Cpl Dane Elson, was blown to pieces just yards away from him.

Read more about it at: BBC
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