Thursday, August 29, 2013

British PM forced to put Syria airstrike on hold

While British PM readies for strike - majority in Britain are opposed to it
In the midst of Syrian unrest and US and its ally Britain getting ready for an air strike on Syria, British PM David Cameron was forced to delay plans for immediate military strikes on Syria last night after being warned he faced losing a Commons vote.

At the behest of USA, Cameron battled desperately to get a consensus for a missile attack, but was forced by Ed Miliband and Tory rebels to allow UN inspectors time to report on last week’s chemical weapons atrocity. 

Sanity seem to prevail in Britian as the proposed air strikes will not now be carried out until ‘every effort’ has been made to secure a UN agreement, and even then, direct British involvement would require a second Commons vote.

In the meantime, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged the West to ‘give peace a chance’, saying inspectors in Syria needed more time. However, government sources in Britain last night said Mr Cameron was still determined to get approval for a retaliatory strike on Syria within days.

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