Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Severe Sea Storm batterss northern Europe leaving at least 13 dead

A fierce sea storm is battering northern Europe  southern England and Germany which has left at least 13 dead as reported so far. Record gusts of 191 km/h (119mph) have been measured over the North Sea.

Two people died when their car was crushed by a falling tree in Gelsenkirchen, in western Germany. Two children in the car were injured. German meteorologists measured record wind speeds of 191 km/h (119mph) over the North Sea.

While in In Brittany, western France, a woman was swept out to sea. And in the Dutch city of Amsterdam a tree felled by the wind crushed a woman by a canal.

In the UK as many as 600,000 homes suffered power cuts. In Kent in southeast England, a 17-year-old girl was crushed when a tree fell on the caravans her family was living in while renovation work was taking place at their home.

A man and a woman died when they were trapped under rubble after an uprooted tree caused a gas explosion in Hounslow in west London.

In the meanwhile, Emergency services in Denmark and Sweden have issued storm warnings, as Scandinavia faces winds gusting at about 162km/h (100mph).

Read more about it at: BBC
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