Monday, October 21, 2013

Titanic violin sold for £1,185,000

Titanic violin sold for £1,185,000

Although no one remembers the violin that went down with Titanic almost a century ago - but the motion picture Titanic brought to fore its fond memories and how it was played by the band till the end - when it perished along with the brave violist into the depths of the ocean.

In the film, Jonathan Evans-Jones playing Wallace Hartley says "Gentlemen it has been a privilege"

That was the fiction to make the movie. Watch the video below

Wallace Hartley, band leader of the Titanic with his violin

However, the violin actually went down with Wallace Hartley, band leader of the Titanic, in its case, strapped to his waist. The violin was a present to Wallace Hartley from his fiancée Maria.

It may be added that Wallace was the son of a humble Lancashire choirmaster but Miss Robinson, 32, was a woman 'of private means' - the daughter of a wealthy cloth manufacturer. She paid around £40 for the violin in 1910, the equivalent of £2,630 today.

After being recovered from the seabed, the violin has now been sold for £1,185,000 in Wiltshire on 19 October.

Titanic Video of the violin:

Read more about it at: Mail Online
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