Monday, November 25, 2013

China Develops a Stealth Drone

The tail-less stealth drone 'Sharp Sword' developed by China

China news media has reported that China has launched and tested its first unmanned stealth combat aircraft, crossing a milestone in drone technology and marking the country's rapid advancement towards Western-level military capabilities. 

The tailless delta-wing drone 'Sharp Sword' successfully flew for 20 minutes on Thursday from a south western Chinese testing facility. 

The aircraft is reportedly similar to the U.S. Navy's X-47B drone, which first successfully took off from and landed on an aircraft carrier in July, while others have suggested the drone is a reverse-engineered copy of Russia's Mikoyan Skat UAV.

The drone would potentially be used for surveillance or launching missile strikes, possibly from China's sole aircraft carrier, the Laoning, which was purchased from the Ukraine in September 2012 and is expected to be fully functional in several years.

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