Sunday, December 15, 2013

China's Jade Rabbit robot rover lands on Moon

China has finally entered its lunar quest when its first ever robot landed on moon Saturday afternoon.

The landing of the robotic rover named the Jade Rabbit marks the latest step in China's ambitious space exploration programme.

The Chang'e-3 mission launched atop a Chinese-developed Long March 3B rocket on 1 December from Xichang in the country's south.

Artist's vision of Jade Rabbit on moon
This is the first soft landing there for 37 years. The touchdown took place on a flat plain called Sinus Iridum.

The official Xinhua news service reported that the craft began its descent just after 1300 GMT (2100 Beijing time), touching down in Sinus Iridum (the Bay of Rainbows) 11 minutes later.

Read mre about it at BBC Science and Environmnet
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