Sunday, December 8, 2013

Coldest place on Earth on Antarctic with below -91C Temperature

The Londoners have been in sever grip of cold wave - but if they are taken to a particular point in Antarctic, they would say they have been living in a heatwave back home.

Yes, the point recently discovered on an Antarctic mountain has a temperatures below -91C.

The newly-found spot - situated along an Antarctic mountain ridge - could freeze a human's eyes, nose and lungs within minutes.  This is because its temperature is almost 13 degrees below the point at which CO2 transforms from a gas into dry ice (-78.5C).

The record-breaking discovery was made by researchers from America's National Snow and Ice Data Centre, according to The Sunday Times.

The -91.2C spot - one of numerous cold places recorded on the mountain ridge - is believed to have been found at heights of more than 12,400ft on a mountain called Dome Fuji.

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