Sunday, December 22, 2013

RAF fighter jets almost crash mid-air every TWO WEEKS

Wreckage of Tornado jet planes were recovered from the Moray Firth, above which two planes crashed last July
The Royal Air Force of Britain is regarded as one of the best around the world but you may be surprised to know that RAF fighter jets almost crash mid-air every TWO WEEKS - and lose their pilots.

The latest figures show 361 near misses since MoD pledged to install new safety gear in 1998... but never did.

It has been reported that Defence chiefs had pledge to fit Tornado jets with a £55million collision detection device - The system could have prevented a mid-air collision - but did not because of budget constraints and it resulted into killing of three airmen last year.

Latest figures uncovered by SNP MP Angus Robertson have revealed that since the MoD first promised the safety measure there have been two collisions and 361 near misses involving the Tornados. 

The Critics said the extraordinary total - around 22 a year between 1998 and 2013 - exposed the seriousness of the situation and suggested defence chiefs were 'not putting safety first'.

Read more about it at: Mail Online
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