Friday, January 3, 2014

First female law firm opens in Saudi Arabia

Good news for women in Saudi Arabia!!

Now the women of Saudi Arabia, which have generally been restricted to move about or even drive a car, have a window of opportunity to seek justice from a firm lead by women.

Just two months back, four women were granted granted licenses to practice law in the traditionally patriarchal kingdom.

Bayan Mahmoud Al Zahran is the the first Saudi woman lawyer who launched the female law firm in Jeddah.

Zahran told Arab News that her law firm is ready to fight for the rights of Saudi women and relate women’s cases to the court, a task which her male counterparts at times cannot understand or handle.

“I believe women lawyers can contribute a lot to the legal system. This law firm will make a difference in the history of court cases and female disputes in the Kingdom. I am very hopeful and thank everyone who supported me in taking this historical step,” Zahran said.

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