Saturday, March 22, 2014

Consignment of lethal Lithium batteries aboard Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370

It has been over two weeks since the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 disappeared and despite launching of the world’s biggest plane hunt no clue has yet been found – much to the agony of the friends and relatives of those 239 passengers onboard.

Australia had a few days ago notified that two large floating pieces of metal have been spotted by satellites and the hunt has since then diverted to the area – but nothing conclusive has as yet been found due to rough seas in the area.

Meanwhile conspiracy theories continue to make matters worse and complicated. Now the latest is that the CEO of the Malaysian Airlines has confessed that a big consignment of lithium batteries, commonly used in laptops, was aboard the ill-fated plane. These Lithium-ion batteries catch fire very soon and have already caused 140 mid-air incidents in last 20 years. It may be recalled that one cargo plane crashed in 2010 after attempting an emergency landing.

And in case these caught fire, the toxic fumes may have incapacitated the entire lot of passengers and crew onboard. 

But despite this latest admittance, the whereabouts of the plane or its debris is yet to be found. And the answer as to why the aircraft had diverted from its flight path are yet to be answered.

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