Saturday, May 17, 2014

India has a new PM with blood on his hand

Narendra Modi, a hardliner of India’s BJP has become the new Indian prime minster with land slide victor over the ruling Congress Party – but he has blood on his hands of thousands of Muslims when he was chief minister of Gujrat.

An attack on a train what killed 59 passengers in Gujrat 12 years back, sparked vicious retribution against local Muslims. The Hindu mobs went on the rampage, raping hundreds of women and burning children after pouring kerosene down their throats.

Men were forced to watch their families tortured to death, and then they too were slaughtered. About 2,000 people died and 200,000 made homeless over three nightmarish days.Despite pleas for protection, Muslims were ignored by officials.

Now the same man is the new Indian prime minister and there are many concerns about his treatment to the Indian Muslims and relations with neighboring Pakistan. 

Modi was banned from entering the US and shunned by British diplomats. How would the British and US government feel now entertaining a prime minister of biggest democracy of the world with blood on his hands?

Read more about it at: Mail Online
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