Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Terrorists kill 104 school children in Pakistan

Terrorists today attacked a army run school in Peshawar, the capital of the northern province of Pakistan, leaving 104 school children and one lady school teacher dead, just a couple of hours from now.

An injured student being escorted to hospital (Photo: AP)

8-10 terrorists clad in civil armed forces’ uniform stormed the school and opened indiscriminate firing, resulting into the tragic loss. All killed and wounded have bullets in their bodies. The school is run by Pakistan Army.

It may be added that Pakistan Army is presently embattled with the terrorists and has gained major successes against them. The action by the terrorists seems to be a counter reaction of the Army’s operation. The Taliban have accepted the responsibility and have said: The children were attacked because the Pakistan Army targets our families, 'we want them to feel our pain'. 

Since Peshawar is routinely patrolled by army patrols, it was easier for the terrorists to move about clad in civil armed forces’ uniforms and vehicle, without causing any suspicion.

Details are following. 

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