Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Is CNN Beating the Drums of War?

It is Russia again as was many decades ago when Cuban crisis haunted the world and it almost looked as if the world is going to another world war. 

And now it is agian Russia which is being made as ane excuse for a possible world war. And this time America's premier media channel CNN seems to be venting the fears.

In a recent program on 13 March, CNN's Wolf Blitzer is seen using the cover of a news program to broadcast a propaganda performance straight out of the Third Reich or perhaps from George Orwell’s 1984.

The orchestration presented Russia as a massive, aggressive military threat, the screen was filled with missiles firing and an assortment of American General Strangeloves urging provocative measures to be deployed against the Russian Threat. 

To many, Blitzer’s program is part of the orchestrated propaganda campaign whose purpose is to prepare Americans for conflict with Russia.

It was such irresponsible propaganda and so many blatant lies for a media organization to sponsor that it was obvious that CNN and Wolf Blitzer had no fear of being called on the carpet for spreading war fever.  The so-called “mainstream media” has been transformed into a Ministry of Propaganda.

Read more at Foreign Policy Journal

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