Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rumors and fake messages of a impending disaster spreading after Nepal earthquake

After the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal that left thousands dead and millions homeless, false news and videos are in circulation to mislead people and create unrest in people living in neighbouring countries.

A message falsely attributed to NASA (shown above) and the Indian government warned of earthquakes of higher intensity at specified times and spread panic. In Patna, the capital of Bihar state which reported the most earthquake-related casualties in India, worried people came out on the streets.

A video showing waves of water rising in a swimming pool of a hotel is in fact an old footage of earthquake that struck Mexico in 2010.

Another video uploaded online also includes a footage from a building collapse in Egypt. A photograph showing schoolchildren huddled under desks in a classroom was also taken during an earthquake drill in 2013.

Read more at BBC
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