Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Israeli police shoots a 13 years old Palestinian and then watch him die

In a bizarre incident of cruelty to humanity, Israeli police shot a 13 years old Palestinian boy and then let him die on the footpath.

Scroll down for video
According to news reports, Ahmad was being chased through the Pisgat Zeev neighborhood in Jerusalem, by a mob of Israeli settlers. When Ahmed came across a group of police and IDF soldiers, the settlers told police that Ahmed had stabbed a settler. Without any attempt to apprehend and detain Ahmed to search for a weapon, police opened fire.

The settler filming the video shouted “Die! Die, you mother fucker, die! Die, you faggot, die! Die, you son of a bitch!” The man shouted the slurs in both Hebrew and Arabic, to make sure Ahmad knew exactly what he was saying.

Watch the video of this gory incident and cold blooded murder:


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