Friday, November 13, 2015

Could Russia be making giant nuclear torpedo

A leaked news of a possible making of a giant nuclear torpedo by Russia has stirred the world.

The leaked news is attributed to a photo of one general was seen studying a diagram of the "devastating" torpedo system (photo above). The leak happened during a report on state-run Channel One about President Vladimir Putin meeting military chiefs in the city of Sochi.

Launched by a submarine, it would create "wide areas of radioactive contamination", the document says.

Although the Kremlin says secret plans for a Russian long-range nuclear torpedo - called "Status-6" - should not have appeared on Russian TV news, but the Russian government newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta has published details of the weapon, without showing the diagram, and speculated about a super-radioactive cobalt device. Experts thus believe that the leak may not have been accidental.

Read more at BBC Europe
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