Monday, April 25, 2016

Norwegian Air Force F16 jet saves patient's life by flying critical medical equipment

You may be surprise that an F-16 fighter aircraft of the Norway Air Force was recently used to carry medical equipment rather than carrying bombs to save the life a critically ill patient.

A report says that the life of a sick man in Bodø hinged on an ECMO machine, which supports the heart and lungs, which the hospital did not have. The nearest hospital that had the machine was some 280 kilometres away - a journey of 10 hours by road.

The hospital decided to contact the nearest air force base and asked for help. And the local air force authorities of the Royal Norwegian Air Force scrambled a F-16, similar to the one photographed above, to the hospital that had the ECMO machine and the life of the patient was saved.

Within 40 minutes of the call being received, the medical equipment had been delivered to the hospital in Bodø.

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