Sunday, June 25, 2017

Tragedy in Pakistan: Over 100 burnt alive

In a tragic incident just a day before Eid ul Fitr, over one hundred people were burnt alive near the city of Ahmed Pur East, Bahawalpur of Southern Punjab.
The tragedy happened at the site of an over turned oil tanker filled with gasoline. Seeing the highly inflammable gasoline leaking from the tanker, the locals came running to fill their jerricans and other utensils, as can be seen from the photo above, with the free petrol. However while doing so the site caught fire and turned the site into an inferno. 

Resultantly, 129 people burnt alive  as per latest reports and some 200 got severely injured. Most of the bodies have been burnt beyond recognition. Reportedly the fire broke out when someone lit a cigaratte and threw the burning matchstick on the oil soaked ground.

The month of June has been very deadly for Pakistan as a number of blasts in Quetta and Parachinar left dozens dead just a few days back.

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