Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Beware of Type 3c Diabetes

So far we have heard of Type and Type 2 of diabetes - but be warned, researchers say that there is yet another type of diabetes that may not be diagnosed properly by your physician.

Type 3c is the new type added to the Types 1 and 2 of diabetes, which occurs after damage to the pancreas such as pancreatic cancer or inflammation.  Researchers have found that 97.3 percent of people with pancreatic disease were misdiagnosed. 

Researchers warn that someone who is misdiagnosed might not receive the treatment they need quickly enough to prevent further damage. Type 3c diabetes requires insulin therapy more urgently than type 2 diabetes to defect the glucose deficiency in the blood.

The study has been published in the journals Diabetes Care

Source | Photo: Pixabay
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